FPT Member Partners

FOCUS POINT MEMBER PARTNERS ARE SPECIAL (“MP’S”). The “FPT MP’S” helped to found Focus Point and they have acted and will continue to act, as the Leadership Advisory Council or “Member Partners Council” (MPC), to and for Focus Point Technology, Inc. Member Partners have: (i) the largest financial investment in FPT Memberships (e.g. annual membership fees); (ii) the MP’s have the largest time commitment investment in shaping and guiding FPT; and (iii) FPT is most reliant upon them but moreover the Member Partners day to day due in great part to their vigorous leadership in FPT efforts also grow in reliance upon the continuing successes of and for FPT CLIENTS.

THIS MAXIMIZES SERVICE QUALITY for FPT Clients and FPT Clients get Best of Breed Providers with Best in Class pricing and service models, by joining with and under the Focus Point Technology Brand.

FPT Member Partner (“MP”): FPT Member Partner (“MP”): [Co-Branding is mandatory for all MP joined sales business]. This is the highest level of Focus Point Technology Partner Groups. The “FPT-MP” group has created the membership rules by which they agree to engage with FPT, its other Partner or Agents and most importantly with FPT Clients. For any agreed to Client of the MP or any new Client provided or referred by FPT they agree to Co-Brand and Co-own those Clients with FPT have Client quality assurance control but with the MP’s sharing the Client specific need responses with FPT and with the “other vendors or suppliers” already selected by the Client or to be selected by the Client going forward. Due to the MP’s unique investment in dollars for annual membership renewal; due to the MP’s commitment to “lead from the front” as business examples of FPT Ethics, Service Quality and Core Values, and time commitments; thus FPT relies heavily on their input. The FPT Member Partners also agree to share financial information and to the aggregation of their back office service needs via FPT for better pricing, saved money overall and to then allow them to concentrate those time and dollar savings as Member Partners of FPT into more revenue for them, better services “focus” for all FPT clients and the opportunity to participate in FPT investor or Mergers and Acquisitions Services. This model is the same as the FPT Standard Service Partner (SSP) model with the addition of technical aspect exclusivity* on a regional basis and with an option to roll-up into FPT, based on the quarterly share price and based upon a predetermined formula. The same membership and review fee (From $15,000 annual base fee plus an option for the regional Service First Right of Refusal). The added fee is based upon the agreed regional or tech area exclusivity. Generally, this territorial added fee is at least an additional $5000 per year or more depending upon the size of the territory and the market share. However, once MP’s add two clients per year to the co-branded FPT premise, from their own client base or lead source, the annual fees are modified as per the advices of the Member Partner Counsel and FPT oversight. MP’s agree to render to FPT a “first right of refusal to join the FPT roll-up” and agree to furnish quarterly CPA review or audited financial statements. Important to note here is that FPT has a limited number of Member Partner openings each year. If the annual MP quota is satisfied in the opinion of FPT and its considering the advices of the FPT Member Partner Council, then Standard Service Partners in good standing are given First Right of Refusal to become the next Member Partner or to replace a departing Member Partner. If a Member Partner departs FPT it and FPT have already agreed that any prospective clients working in progress and any then current clients in place by the FPT-Member Partner nexus will remain in place for the life of the client engagement or for at least another three years after the MP departure. Basic business size/financial entry requirement for all Focus Point Technology, Inc. Member Partners are: (i) been in business for at least three profitable years running; (ii) have an overall annual revenue run rate of at least $5,000,000; (iii) have at least five larger “reference Clients; and (iv) willing to put at least two current clients into FPT shared services pool for other FPT Partners to add services.