FPT Agents and Channel Partners


Referral Agent (“RA”): Referral Agents simply refer business to FPT and FPT validates and quantifies the prospective Client, and FPT manages the Sales Process and Client Relationship. A “Referred Client Prospect” is a full set of client contact information, an introduction email with a confirmation of appointment and-or a “warm hand off” face to face, by Skype or FaceTIme, and/or by conference call attended by the Referral Agent.

All Clients referred to FPT become the property of FPT with the Referral Agent having a shared fee for the life of the first Client Engagement with FPT (contract term). FPT will endeavor to promote FPT Agent Services if FPT Clients have requested such services, however FPT represents the Client. As Client Advocates FPT will also work with the Clients current suppliers/vendors and go to new ones which the Client suggests. FPT does not Co-Brand FPT services in this venue. There is an annual fee of $2000, ½ of fee is returned by FPT from the first two FPT approved sales. In this model, there is no exclusivity; RA refers a lead to FPT, FPT prices it, FPT notes the RA fee share, and FPT presents and sells the lead. In certain circumstances, RA may attend client presentations. FPT sells its services totally under the FPT brand, FPT bills the client, FPT delivers/manages services and/or arranges for an FPT Approved sub contractor for service delivery under the FPT Brand. RA is paid a revenue share within 45 days of receipt by FPT of client payment. When FPT refers a client to an RA, the RA will pay a revenue share to FPT with 45 days of receipt by RA of client payment. These are considered stand-alone, one-off agreement, done on a case-by-case basis and renewed annually by both parties. The commission runs for the first term of the client engagement given the RA has renewed annually with FPT.


A Channel Partner (“CA”): FPT Channel Partners are generally aggregators of other Agents or supplier services. The CA manages his client lead souring and his Agents. All sub agents who sell or may sell FPT services must be identified and non circumvention agreements made which define the downline commissions which the CA pays after FPT pays the CA. FPT owns and brands the Client. The “FPT Channel Partners” are a cadre of highly valued, technology brokers under the FPT Brand who may sell or refer FPT Services or Partner Services under or for t he FPT Brand.

Focus Point Technology Referral Agents and Channel Partners also agree to the FPT Client Services Business Rules, Quality Assurance Rules and Standards and to the FPT Code of Ethics. In general FPT Agents and Channel Partners are required to represent FPT Services and those of the entire FPT Brand, first and foremost.