The Focus Point Brand – A Client Advocate Consortium of Best of Class Technology Entities

Focus Point Partner Advantage Program – Is Membership for you?

Enterprise technology management has been highly fragmented across a variety of control and management solutions designed to support telecom, network, mobility, data center, cloud, social, software, contracts, and other assets. The challenges of technology management will only increase as sensors, wearable devices, and custom computing assets continue to evolve and proliferate to increase both the corporate demand and dependence on technology to conduct business. In light of these challenges, Focus Point Technology has emerged to bring together superior service and software vendors into a Client Recognizable Brand – a membership consortium dedicated to solving corporate technology management challenges of medium sized to very large clients.

Through the Focus Point Technology (“FPT”) Brand which consists of Best in Breed Member Partners, Channel Partners and Agents, FPT provides enterprises with a long-missing option to truly consolidate top-tier services and technologies that have a long-term history of solving enterprise needs, but have been under the radar of new buyers due to annual revenue, geographic focus, vertical focus, or formerly limited sales and marketing execution.

“A key to Focus Point Technology’s success is executing on our goal of managing the quality of the Brand’s consortium members, defined through several categories: an objective measure of the quality of services and technologies provided relative to the relevant market, long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty, a shared set of business rules, and agreement to common values and ethics.” Joe Chopek, CEO, FPT

Focus Point is a consortium of top technology and service provides which have aligned to provide Information Technology Expense & Asset Management directed at Client Specific needs. This combination of top quality vendors is high value and most necessary for Clients in order to support corporate IT management challenges. The main reason is companies claiming I.T. asset, inventory, expense, and technology management capabilities have traditionally lacked one or more categories ranging from IT to cloud infrastructure, to SaaS management capabilities, which have then led clients to pursue yet another solution to solve their IT management challenges, instead of having and executing a long term plan.

This FPT Brand as a consortium has a goal to even the playing field between smaller vendors who have typically lacked the marketing and sales channels to quickly gain business revenue and larger vendors that rely on sales and marketing superiority to cover up less-than-stellar customer satisfaction and loyalty. Client side I.T. executives are concerned with the ongoing sourcing and management of enterprise technology but they should be aware that there is a new and integrated approach for telecom, mobility, the cloud, and other granular technology services. This “new approach” should be considered based on the approach, the track record of the partners involved, and the selection and application process needed to join this cadre of vetted providers.

There are four levels to the FPT Partner Advantage Program from lowest to highest: Referral Agent (“RA”) Member: [No Co-Branding of FPT services] In this model, there is no exclusivity; RA refers a lead to FPT, FPT prices it, FPT notes the RA fee share, and FPT presents and sells the lead. All sales are done under the FPT Brand. Channel Partner (“CA”) Member: FPT Channel Partners are generally aggregators of other Agents or supplier services. The CA manages his client lead souring and his Agents. FPT Standard Services Partner (“SSP”) Member: Standard Service Partners generally have annual revenue under $5,000,000. Co-Branding is mandatory for all SSP joined sales business with regard to FPT supplied clients or prospects or for current clients of the SSP who wish to join with or partner with/for the services of other FPT Partners (MP’s or SSP’s). FPT Member Partner (“MP”) – Highest Level: [Co-Branding is mandatory for all MP joined sales business]. This is the highest level of Focus Point Technology Partner Groups. These are business with $5,000,000 or more and a multi-year track record of profitability. The “FPT-MP” group has created the membership rules by which they agree to engage with FPT, its other Partner or Agents and most importantly with FPT Clients. For any agreed to Client of the MP or any new Client provided or referred by FPT they agree to Co-Brand and Co-own those Clients with FPT have Client quality assurance control.

The Benefits to FPT Membership for Partners and Agents

  1. BETTER SALES OPPORTUNITIES: Focus Point Technology clients know they can rely upon FPT and FPT Sales Channel because all channel members adhere to the same business rules and all subscribe to a Code of Ethics. These rules put the Client first. For FPT Members, these business rules grow long term revenue, retain clients, to add value to the partner/agent and to the Client, and help to eliminate conflict and problems. Because of this compelling value proposition, FPT Member Sales/Consultative and Suppliers are able to increase profits more quickly. FPT is a true synergistic, scale up model with M&A possibilities.
  2. PARTNERS GAIN MARKET STRENGTH: FPT Member Partners, Channel Partners and Agents tell a strong story to the market by joining FPT. They carry their own reputations and business lines but they then join with FPT for a much broader opportunity to win clients long term. Clients and Partner/agents also benefit from additional market advisories and from the ability to grow sales and retain clients due to the aggregated success factors of FPT.
  3. EXCLUSUIVE MEMBERSHIP: FPT is not for all sales side players. FPT will select and retain the “Best of Class” and “Best of Breed” service providers and suppliers, allowing FPT sales side players to sell more with less effort, for higher revenue. The J. D. Powers Institute annually researches and validates the most powerful and recognized Brands. Repeatedly the brand of the United States Marine Corps, the “Globe and Anchor” and the brand term “Looking for a Few Good Men” underpins the USMC brand. Like the U.S. Marine Corps, Focus Point Technology is “Looking for a Few Best in Class Channel Partners and Suppliers” for its unique services and systems integration premise.
  4. VENDORS/SUPPLIERS: Suppliers, carriers and systems integrators may also benefit from the FPT Brand. FPT has a vetted Supplier and Service Provider side which is populated by vendors, consultants and suppliers who agree to work by the same high standards, business rules and a Code of Ethics, thus staying engaged long term with FPT clients while minimizing client turnover.
  5. REQUIREMENTS: The requirements are standards for all sales channel partners or associates and a similar set applies to and is agreed to by FPT Vetted and Approved Suppliers and Consultants. FPT believes that its Code of Ethics, secular business rules and high quality service assurance are at the root of the “Compelling Value Proposition” which underlay the FPT Brand. The Focus Point Technology Brand (“FPT”) is recognized by clients of FPT, by FPT sales channel associates, by FPT Member Partners and by FPT vetted and Approved Suppliers and by consultants acting under the FPT Brand.

Clients want an savvy Technology Advocate and Clients use FPT – because of and in reliance upon what FPT Brand stands for and delivers: High Quality and ease of solution choice.