Focus Point Technologies Develops a New Standard
for Technology Management – Client Technology Control Quotient

Understanding FPT as a Vendor and Supplier Client Advocate –

FPT provides Clients with an evaluation process labeled as the “Technology Control Quotient,” which allows clients to self-evaluate their own performance across a variety of technology management areas compared to anonymous data from similarly-sized clients. This provides a clear benchmark to identify potential areas for the client to either improve on their own or to involve FPT in finding a solution. From FPT�s perspective, the end goal is to assist clients in reaching a comprehensive and holistic state of control over technology by filling in the management gaps that have traditionally led to disappointing service levels and uncontrolled spend. In effect, FPT is seeking to introduce a “buy only what you need” mentality in an industry that has traditionally only sold software suites or broad-based services engagements.

FPT therefore has the ability to coalesce REAL Client usage data not only in the macro spend but also in the integration and design decisions made by actual user-clients. This is data which is highly more qualified to act upon than the sale pitch of vendors. That the net result of this “actual and real usage data” aggregation will be that FPT will end up bringing together a number of high quality IT management organizations that have been well-kept secrets in their industry: high quality vendors that have supported world-class IT environments and tens of thousands of employees over years, if not decades, but have not quickly grown annual revenue to an unsustainable level simply to be included in a magical and wavy landscape. By unlocking direct enterprise access to these unsung service providers FPT has the potential to bridge key gaps between IT�s inability to fully support technology environments and niche vendors well qualified to handle specific cloud, mobility, help desk support, expense management, or other challenges.

FPT puts clients in control by easily measuring your organizations Technology Control Quotient

The Client begins its private and discrete Technology Control Quotient Self-Analysis. FPT adds advices and moreover FPT with Client permission can compare the client�s needs, actual usage, actual effective or less than effective systemic issues to other FPT clients� more successful or effective outcomes. Then FPT clients become a powerful user-group combining with anonymity, via FPT360 a REAL and ongoing “best practices” belief system stemming from REAL evidence and not from third party analysts beliefs or from supplier promises of effectiveness. IF a client then has an emergency, a sourcing and services improvement need, FPT has the data, FPT is ready, willing and able to respond in very short order, to client requirements.

Focus Point Technology represents a new approach for enterprise technology management: the first true consortium of like-minded vendor peers focused on client success with shared goals, morals, business rules, and shared services. Unlike a standard systems integrator, FPT has placed a set of standards on its vendor partners that will always put client needs first, both in the client�s acquisition of services and technologies and even in the choice of vendors that the client will have. Thus Focus Point Technology’s “Brand for Client Advocacy” is destined to grow as long as FPT maintains its stated quality and membership standards.

FPT believes that that its Client Advocacy approach combined with its “Best of Breed” consortium has the potential to even the playing field between smaller vendors that have typically lacked the marketing and sales channels to quickly gain business and any larger vendors that rely on sales and marketing superiority to cover up less-than-stellar customer satisfaction and loyalty.

As FPT grows this database and stands ready to assist its Clients, the Client side executives concerned with the ongoing sourcing and management of their enterprise technology should be aware that with FPT there is a new and integrated approach for telecom, mobility, the cloud, and other granular technology services that should be considered based on the approach, the track record of the partners involved, and the selection and application process needed to join this cadre of vetted providers.