Technology Asset Management

The Focus Point Cimpl™ solution which allows a dynamic management of and interpretation of the Client’s Technology Digital Enterprise Footprint, displays, describes and allows the management of a fully integrated Client Technology Eco-System.

Help everyone in the IT ecosystem reducing total cost of IT asset management through automation and integration.

The IT eco-system consists of companies, IT and telecom suppliers, consulting and managed services partners (many to many universe).

Benefits For User Client companies:

  1. Reduce man-hours by automating vendor workflows.
  2. Increase task completion time.
  3. Reduce total cost of management.
  4. Reduce waste and improve learning curve.

Benefits for Suppliers

  1. Reducing man-hour by automating parts of customer support, reporting and accounting functions.
  2. Better understand client environment.
  3. Improved customer service.
  4. Increase client margin.
  5. Improve client retention and improve response time for client needs.

Benefits for Partners

  1. Creates easy to use platform to offer consulting, managed services, and project services.
  2. Product plug-in for MDM, VOIP, hardware, software, and other asset types will generated revenue and managed service. opportunities.
  3. Allows “proactive/predictive selling” to clients inset of reactive order-taking from clients to then commoditized pricing.
  4. Build positive long term client retention

The Client Benefits then of the Cimpl™ + PRISM + Cyber Security and the FPT + Client Nexus in the management of the Client Digital Enterprise Footprint in that Client’s unique Technology Enterprise Eco-System include but are not limited to:

  • All in one place portal.
  • See the logs, call records, and time stamps.
  • Assets used or not.
  • How assets are used (when, where, how).
  • Point in time.
  • History / Timeline of a user.
  • Empower users to take self-control.
  • Manage the exceptions.
  • Manage Sourcing.
  • Manage license agreements.
  • Manage migration of legacy assets out the door to be replaced by current assets and services.
  • Recover refunds and corrections from service providers.
  • Improve your network, your budget and your bottom line.

Because the Client + FPT Cimpl™ + PRISM solution is in place, the Client can proactive motivate and manage throughout its entire Technology Enterprise Eco-System a “Best of Class” intra company “social media structure for self management”. This can even include single sourcing and one pay banking for all ingredients chosen by the Client.

  1. Cimpl will help enforce IT standards by maintaining workflows, authorization processes and connecting information from multiple sources.
  2. Cimpl will allow users to share experiences, ideas and knowledge to reduce stress on corporate I.T.
  3. Cimpl will use internal social collaboration techniques to accelerate and empower end-users.
  4. Cimpl will make use of social medium based communication methods to monitor, engage, and communicate with all users in and outside of your company.
  5. Cimpl will allow unique business process outsourcing to best of breed providers.


  1. Saving costs by having employees validate and manage their own I.T. assets.
  2. Speed services delivery correctly capturing requests to be channelled to systems and vendors.
  3. Communicate with vendors, share information, without the need for traditional help desk support.
  4. Improved Mean Time and Restore Services (MTRS).
  5. Improved bottom line.
  6. Ongoing legacy vs new technology comparisons.
  7. Improved monitoring of services metrics.

The Focus Point “Cimpl™ + PRISM” Client Specific solution Creates ACTIONABLE BIG DATA and simplifies the ongoing decisions related to such while allowing the transfer of those Client Specific conclusions to enhance Security, Bottom Line and Stakeholder buy-in’

Actionable Big Data

Cimpl provides everyone in the Integrated Ecosystem information to help improve their business while maintaining client and vendor privacy.

Real-time Industry Stats across all Cimpl customers

  1. Company rank across multiple categories from average spend, inventory accuracy, usage trends etc.
  2. Know the most popular smartphone in the financial sector; know if global costs per user are going up; know where your company ranks among peers. Know anytime in real-time.
  3. Better know and understand the reality of your device usage – personal v corporate for security and for profitability purposes.
  4. Easy device on-off security for lost, stolen or “departing” devices.

Business Intelligence

  1. Understand trends.
  2. Incorporate non-company data (weather, GPS, news, social media).
  3. Create and understand metrics for telecommuting and general employee performance.

Predictive Analytics and Actionable Data at the right level

  1. All reports can lead to an action.
  2. Sharing BI among other employees or vendors (if so desired).