FPT One-Pay

The payment process of an Accounts Payable department can be a difficult, time-consuming and manual process. Focus Point Technologies One-Pay solu-tion allows companies to outsource invoice receipt and data entry, cost center and GL coding, detailed reporting and individual invoice payment functions, allowing AP staff to focus on more valuable and strategic functions.

FPT takes over the invoice receipt and entry portion of the payment process, and provides an online portal for payment approvals. The online portal includes invoice details and summary, account history and trending information, cost center and GL allocation information (along with site, division, department and service type details). The portal also includes account notes and vendor infor-mation, along with a multi-tiered invoice approval process.

Invoices are generally approved on a weekly basis, and upon approval, a single payment is made by the client, and FPT then pays each invoice, electronically confirming payment receipt, and recording that data into the online portal.

One-Pay Portal and Seamless Integration

The One-Pay portal data is fully up-loadable into any AP system, and detailed reporting is available via the portal and through an automated report package. Our reporting allows for much easier budgeting, forecasting and accruals. Trending reports and granular re-porting can be distributed to individual cost center owners easily, and high-level summary reports and business intelligence is available directly through the One-Pay portal.

Our AP automation supports various secure file delivery methods, ensuring that your data is protected fully.

Payment Efficiency

The FPT One-Pay solution is perfectly designed to manage a significant variety of invoices, including utility invoices, telecommunications invoices, software and hardware invoices, invoices for office supplies and much more.

FPT One-Pay is more flexible than other Payment Service vendors. FPT can pay vendors via multiple methods, including ACH, echeck, payment card, wire and paper check, de-pending upon the capabilities of the vendor. This allows our customers to be able to issue just one single payment for a whole multitude of vendors and services.

Finding the best way to pay each of these vendors can be a long, arduous process. FPT takes the guess work out of that effort completely.