FPT360’s business intelligence platform allows you to see your entire technology estate using rich and interactive data mining tools. FPT360 allows you to manage data from your IT Vendor’s web sites, I.T. Asset software or TEM solution under one umbrella. FPT360’s strong analytical engine provides you a view of your enterprise footprint, empowering your company to reach a higher TCQ, streamline processes and to dramatically cut your technology expenditure.
As part of every engagement, FPT360 will determine your TCQ – Technology Control Quotient. This metric determines what strategy should be employed in improving existing organization infrastructure, defining new processes to audit suppliers, evaluating costs and expenses, improving security methods and implementing new approaches to move the organization to CTC (Comprehensive Control Technology) via the Focus Point Technology process. Focus Point utilizes its growing knowledge of Information Technology/Telecom Expense and Asset Management “I.T.E.A.M” to lead its clients successfully to safer and more effective solutions, and to state of maximum technology security and ROI.
Through the FPT360 Client Bililng Platform, our clients are provided complete access to the cost of our services, the contracts associated with those services, and all of the primary deliverables provided by our engagement. When you contract with Focus Point, and as other Member Partners are brought in to provide the full breath of services covered under our model, you will receive on centralized invoice with complete detail, and will have one single source for questions, payment and information around the engagement.
FPT360 provides partners with the ability to manage and progress leads and opportunities through the Focus Point Technology Partner Client platform and earn commissions based on client engagements. FPT creates a monthly bill summary and allows a “one pay” client payment system.