Enterprise Wide I.T. Expense & Asset Management

Focus Point Technology is a Client Advocacy Services Integrator. It allows Clients first to improve upon and best use the supplier vendor choices which they have already made and to begin a proactive services coping and migration plan for their Technology Digital Estate. In terms then of Boolean Logic, the FPT Client builds a dynamic and recurring real time Digital Enterprise Footprint by benchmarking and metrically relating ALL technology decisions now in place along with the ability to test and model decisions, supplier solutions and assets changes under consideration.

This “inventory and comparison” paradigm created by Focus Point with Client input and to the Client Specific parameters becomes the Clients “Technology Control Quotient” or “TCQ“. While the TCQ begins with the Client permission to acquire its Asset and Expense Data and for the Client to answer a series of qualifying questions, ultimately the Enterprise Wide I.T. Expense and Asset Management (“I.T.E.A.M.”). FPT does the heavy lifting for and with the Client on these matters including but not limited carrier and supplier feeds and accounting software integration.

I.T.E.A.M. needs + Real Time update and modeling is “Cimpl™”. FPT has partnered with one of North America’s leading Business Intelligence business to mold their Business Intelligence with the FPT “Virtual One Stop Solution”, Single Sign-on SaaS Platform so that the Client gets is own unique version of ITEAM management with a Cimpl™ + PRISM + Cyber Security “Best of Breed” real time outcome. As “simple” as it sounds, the PRISM + Cimpl™ SaaS hybrid provided by combining the “VAR on steroids” aspects of Focus Point Technology with the power and metrics of ETeleSolv’s Cimpl™ is we believe among, if not currently an overall I.T. Best of Breed capability. FPT then adds the integrated Cyber Security aspect which then keeps the Client in a position to cope with risk of attack, migrate legacy systems to new technology and doing all of that in a “best price” effective cost and delivery scenario.

First the Asset Benchmarking in Cimpl™

Next the formulation of the I.T.E.A.M .S. Plan from Cimpl™ and combine with Cyber Security Plan

Integrate above to cost & expense management to measure ROI of all services and assets + PRISM for access. All vendors remain and are review BEFORE any changes are made

Assets all have single or multiple data sources that make up the inventory


The Client Technology Enterprise Digital Footprint then via Cimpl™ + PRISM (FPT) then allows and KEEPS CURRENT all Client proactive and if need be, reactive decision making.

The Cimpl™ + PRISM (FPT) solution Prioritizes the Client I.T.E.A.M. quadrants by the Client’s own and specific needs and requirements and then FPT rolls-out the Cimpl™ + PRISM + Cyber Security service by client, by department of Client with a Road Map by formed by the Client.

There is obvious added value then for:

  1. Cyber Risk Mitigation
  2. Asset, Expense and Services Migration
  3. Mergers and Acquisition or Downsizing management
  4. Migration of legacy technology to new technology
  5. Supplier order and provisioning
  6. Supplier quality assurance AND supplier/carrier buying aggregation