Advisory Service

Through its Member Partners and Standard Service Partners, Focus Point brings to a “One Source” Client sourcing capability and large variety of Advisor Services and Group Ordering and/or Pricing Aggregation Services. All of these enhance the Client’s ability to select providers or advisors from VETTED entities all of whom agree to the Focus Point Code of Ethics, Quality Assurance Business Rules and Core Values.

To name just a few of the Advisory areas open to FPT Clients, to Member Partners and to Standard Service Partners:

One Stop Banking; Electronic Funds Transfer and vendor payments with third party validation

Technology Advisory Services not limited to but including a wide choice of:

  • Asset and Expense Management vendors
  • Wireline, wireless, WDM, MDM, Cloud Access and sourcing entities
  • Cyber Security, Application Security, Risk Management, Mitigation and Detection entities
  • H.R. and Employee Management entities
  • Insurance Entities: Risk, Health, and Benefits entities
  • Disaster Recovery Entities
  • Technology Savvy Accounting and Legal Entities: Litigation, Audit, Patent, and other specialties
  • Investor and Venture Capital Entities