Advanced Security

Through a coalition of highly successful international Cyber Security Partners, Suppliers and Applications Vendors, Focus Point Technology address the Security Risks of Clients on an enterprise specific basis, after evaluating their Technology Control Quotient (TCQ). Focus Point solutions providers create Client Specific Solutions designed to provide reactive and proactive security and risk mitigation.


With today’s sophisticated Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, firewalls and intrusion prevention systems (IPSs) provide little more than a false sense of security. By way of example Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are Mainstream and are on the rise, and rising with serious velocity:


Clients/Users face Enterprise Wide, a variety of serious Cyber Threats:


Each year the threat grows, every day the threat grows. Attacks last longer and moreover, their style and composition become more and more sophisticated.


In summary:

  • Your Firewall CANNOT protect you from DDoS attacks.
  • At the very least each Enterprise needs:
    • Premises mitigation, Cyber Security integration and policy promulgation with strict monitoring and compliance
    • Cloud mitigation, Cyber Security integration with third party monitoring
    • Damage assessment
    • Damage Control
    • Back up and restart plans


Focus Point Technology, Inc (“FPT”) brings to each Client a “Client Specific” evaluation of the Client’s Enterprise Digital Footprint with a sophisticate array of integrated Cyber Security Solutions provided by Best of Class FPT Partners, and Vetted Suppliers. These FPT engendered solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Set of patented technologies designed to detect and mitigate today’s availability based threats
  • Deployed on-premise, in the the cloud and hybrid
  • AMS mission is to provide the industry’s best solution for DDoS attacks
  • Detect where we can, mitigate where we should


Focus Point Technology engenders the Client Specific “DMR”: Detect, Mitigate, Report Cyber Security Package with the Client integrating its own assets, FTE’s and Detection or Application Guard solutions with that of highly experienced and respected third party professionals who are FPT Partners, all playing by FPT Rules of Quality Assurance and business Ethics.


The FPT Integrated Solutions include but are not limited to:

  • 24×7 Service to customers under attack
  • Neutralize attacks and malware outbreaks
  • Release ERT Threats Alerts
  • Research Lab diagnoses all known attack tools
  • Provides weekly and emergency signature updates

These Client Specific Solutions are Engendered by the Foundational Information of the Client’s Specific Digital Enterprise Footprint to the become the basis for the Clients sound and cost effective Cyber Security Solution which include but are not limited to:

  1. Hybrid Solutions which offer the widest Cyber Security coverage with
  2. Shortest Mitigation Response Time and
  3. A Single Point of Contact (SPC) during the attack and
  4. Single Point of contact post attack and for future coping and proactive promulgation of updates and knowledge based contemporary security elements, and
  5. A fully integrated report system