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Enterprise technology management has been highly fragmented across a variety of control and management solutions to support telecom, network, mobility, data center, cloud, social, software, contracts, and other assets. The challenges of technology management will only increase as sensors, “wear-able” devices, and custom computing assets continue to evolve and proliferate to increase both the corporate demand and dependence on technology to conduct business. In light of these challenges, Focus Point Technology has emerged to bring together superior service and software vendors into a consortium dedicated to solving corporate technology management challenges.

The Focus Point Brand as a “Best of Breed” supplier and consulting consortium has the potential to provide enterprises with a long-missing option to truly consolidate top-tier services and technologies that have a long-term history of solving enterprise needs, but have been under the radar of new buyers due to annual revenue, geographic focus, vertical focus, or poor sales and marketing execution. One of many keys to Focus Point Technology’s early success in its executing on its goal of managing the quality of the consortium members, defined through several categories: an objective measure of the quality of services and technologies provided relative to the relevant market, long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty, a shared set of business rules, and agreement to common values and ethics. All of these aspects are used to support Focus Point Technology’s key focus on solving client needs first and foremost based on what is best for the client. Code Of Ethics | Core Values