Focus Point Technology, Inc. (“FPT”) is a CLIENT ADVOCACY Brand. Clients come first. FPT exists to assist clients with a “Virtual One Stop Solution” from which to manage and source as much of their Technology Estate issues as the client will allow. At the very least, when a Client engages Focus Point the client, is provide with a Best of Breed Technology Business Intelligence Platform called CIMPL™. With CIMPL™ all clients get a dynamic, near to real time web enabled summary of most if not all aspects of their Technology Estate Footprint: real benchmarking, real spend, real contract data and sourcing information, real provisioning aspects and a real, regularly measure Return on their Investment.

Focus Point guides the Clients in “what to do with this knowledge” and moreover should the Client choose to do so, then FPT engender RFP, RFQ and other sourcing aspects and/or the mitigation of current supplier problems or quality issues for a small monthly license fee and/or a shared savings concept. Focus Point guides the Client to look at themselves and to use industry standard common metrics in order to have each client self-evaluate their “TCQ” (client specific “Technology Control Quotient”). The TCQ study then becomes the benchmark for Client long term planning for budget, for cyber security and risk mitigation, and to improve in real terms the nexus between the CIO group and the CFO group.

For this FPT uses a cadre of Best of Breed Member Partners, Standard Partners and agents and vetted suppliers. All of these agree to use standard pricing, standard services metrics, a common Code of Ethics and a deliberate client quality assurance based Business Rules. Service quality and any service disputes are managed at no additional charge by FPT. Clients are better served, Client have little or no long term supplier or vendor issues and suppliers/vendors have little or no collection issues.

Focus Point Technology, Inc. Core Values

At Focus Point Technology, Inc. we recognize the importance of credibility, integrity and trustworthiness to our success as a business. We are committed to upholding high ethical standards in all our operations, everywhere in the world. We believe in the principles of honesty, fairness, and respect for individual and community freedoms.

Living up to both the letter and the spirit of this commitment is not always an easy task. As a large and diverse corporation working globally, we recognize that while there is some level of agreement the world over on what constitutes honest and ethical business practice, there can also be valid differences of opinion.

In our working lives, we often experience situations where the ‘right thing to do’ is not immediately apparent. Loyalties – to our fellow employees, to managers, customers and suppliers, to our families, our communities, the environment, the corporation as a whole, and to ourselves — may seem to conflict. When we’re faced with a complicated situation, it can be difficult to decide where the ethical path lies.

Focus Point runs in great part on the support and “out of the box thinking” of Member Partners and next the other suppliers, partners or agents. Member Partners are special and they have a clear say and strong role as the “steering committee” for the Focus Point Brand. In fact the Member Partners actually create their own rules for Membership and for Membership retention. This is not an easy task as most business have grown around self-interest, self-promotion and “me against the world” mentality. Focus Point moves all toward a “Musketeer” philosophy of “One for All and All for One”. In reality small and medium business rarely become big business so the strength of the Focus Point Brand fosters and facilitates the Member Partner’s power and success by consolidating and centralizing much common business interest under the FPT Brand while the Partner grows it’s revenue in a more effective and if possible a geometric fashion.