Joseph B. Chopek

Founder and Chairman of the Board.

Joseph “Joe” Chopek is a visionary executive and entrepreneur, who has successfully nurtured, built and sold a number of technology companies into the public market, and/or has brokered them to larger entities that subsequently entered the public arena.

Focus Point Technology, Inc. launched in early 2015. “FPT” is a Technology Services Integrator creating a new management space for “I.T.T.E.A.M.S” – Information Technology (I.T.) and Telecom: Expense and Assets Management Services. FPT does much more than conventional TEM. We coalesce, present and/or manage all resource aspects of the Clients’ entire Technology Enterprise footprint such as Cloud Security, Telecom and Cloud Access, Network Security, MDM, MAP, and much more such as client side I.T. assets, licenses, equipment and specifications, capacity issues, services access, disaster recovery while standardizing metrics and RFP quality assurance. FPT does this via our Best of Class SaaS Platform(s) combined with a carefully selected tier of Best of Class Regional Member Partners (MP�s). They continue to vend their own services co-brand with FPT. Clients go to a Virtual One Stop Solution. The FPT Virtual One Stop Solution allows clients to centralize, store and access all date relating to their services footprint: benchmark, review, present and understand their actual services, access sources/costs, asset and expense commitments in order to effectively re-source them, grow them and to properly replace legacy systems with new Technologies. FPT will have a second tier of channel partner agents who apply and are selected based upon their experience, commitment, location and general service skills. Clients will have a safe and complete services footprint in real time, with the ability to then source new services or assets, new technologies etc. on their own OR to notify FPT to create RFQ and RFP on their behalf from vetted, Best of Class Vendors.

Since December of 2013 after selling Avalon Global Solutions to Widepoint, a mid-cap public company Joe acted under his investment and holding company Euro American Technologies, Inc. Prior to that Joe started, grew and sold four business to public companies or large Venture Capitalists. For years I was a director & officer of the TEM Industry Association “TEMIA”.

Joe has an extraordinary record of success that spans multiple companies and ventures. After completing the US Naval Academy with a B.S. in Engineering, he took a commission as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps. He is an Honorably Discharged Disabled Vietnam Era Marine. He received a Masters Degree in Business from George Washington University. He was a real estate broker and land developer for many years, before becoming the co-founder of a Federal Savings Bank and a builder.

After many years of real estate and investment banking, he founded an Interexchange Carrier (IXC) called Blue Ridge Telephone (BRT) in 1985. BRT flourished under Joe�s stewardship. By the end of its first year BRT was profitable and continued to grow. It remained continuously profitable in each of the subsequent 10 years.

Joe ultimately sold BRT to a public company which he found, courted, developed wrote up and closed – a success story that repeated itself with other companies where Joe was involved, as discussed below. BRT sold to a small public company whose stock was at $14/s at that time. After three more iterations of M&A, the resulting enterprise was sold to Broadwing. The outcome stock value equivalent was $64/s.

After Blue Ridge Telephone, Joe started Net Results, Inc. a Telecommunications Expense Management Company which prospered with Joe as the principal shareholder and President. Net Results did two acquisitions under Joe�s leadership to become the Net Results Group or “NRG”. NRG then continued to grow and it bought a government line of business and a West Coast TEM business to then become “Avalon Global Solutions”, Inc. or “AGS”. Joe remained the largest shareholder and President and then sold AGS to a public Company called Widepoint. Joe served for two years as VP of business development for Widepoint assisting them to form a SaaS white label division and to acquire a European company.

Joe served in executive or CEO capacities for a number of other companies including WidePoint Communications, and the renowned Net Results Group. He is currently President and Founder of Euro-American Technologies Inc.

Joe was President, Board Member and Serving Director of TEMIA (Telecommunications Expense Management Industry Association) where among other things he facilitated the integration of Wireless and MDM services models with those of other respected competitors. He developed improved business metrics to better serve his client-user base including a model for pricing services and evaluating performance in a fair and profitable manner. Joe also lead TEMIA in development of a more commonly accepted Association Model, one which included a Code of Ethics and as well as client, customer, and member to member grievance process. TEMIA awarded Joe with one if its first “Lifetime Achievement Awards” in early 2015.

Joe founded Focus Point where he remains CEO and President at this time. Joe also acts as Chairman of the Focus Point Technology Board of Directors and as such he led FPT to its first acquisition of the 21 year old, long standing and highly profitable ICOMM Consulting, a Chicago based TEM and managed services entity.