Business Challenges – Clients and Services Providers Face Ever Accelerating Change

Technology Management challenges at the enterprise level are growing exponentially as legacy solutions provide both a fragmented and incomplete view of cloud, mobile, social, subscription, converged, and digital technology deployments. Clients waste time and money, suppliers must try to sell ONLY what they have and few “integrated services solutions” exist.

Solving the Problem

Focus Point Technology (“FPT”) is a Client Advocate Brand which has at its disposal a new vendor consortium of Best of Breed Service Providers. FPT has created a centralized Brand and array of service providers to best serve Client technology sourcing needs. Focus Point Technology, Inc., seeks to solve the disconnections currently provided for technology management by combining Best-of-Breed technologies and services, a common set of business rules and ethics, shared services for sales and services, and a client-centric approach focused on recouping IT costs and maximizing the value of existing investments.


Clients will be able to consolidate telecom, cloud, IT assets, and other technologies into a consolidated financial, expense, asset, and service-based management solution with value-added services based on modular client preference. Clients will be able to query and rely upon the Focus Point Brand for expeditious and reliable solutions with quality assurance, common representations and solid warranties.


SUMMARY FPT Mission Statement:

The mission of Focus Point Technology is to increase the efficiency, services efficacy, security and return on investment of our Clients’ technology estate by integrating and coordinating best in class solutions and services through a single control , single sign-on, one source solution platform. FPT is a high quality, high expectation, client advocate Services Integrator.


The Focus Point Technologies Brand represents client advocacy. Focus Point is a consortium of top technology and service provides that have aligned to provide Information Technology Expense & Asset Management. This combination of vendors is often necessary to support corporate IT management challenges because companies claiming IT asset, inventory, expense, and technology management capabilities have traditionally lacked one or more categories ranging from IT to cloud infrastructure to SaaS management capabilities that have led client pursuits for yet another solution to solve their IT management challenges. By aggregating vendors that have a strong history of business success, best-in-class technology and service capabilities, and a shared business commitment to supporting the end user’s needs above simply maximizing the spend going to each individual firm, Focus Point has the opportunity to optimize the quality of portfolio services that information technology departments use to manage, control, and strategize their technology deployments. SEE: FPT Partners & Suppliers page.


The Focus Point Technology Leadership Team arrives from a long history of entrepreneurial success in the business areas of Finance, Information Technology, Telecom and Technology Asset and Expense Management, Cyber Security, Business Intelligence and analytics and Government.

Focus Point Corporate Leadership is greatly enhanced by the collective leadership of its Best of Breed Member Partners, Standard Partners and Corporate Suppliers. Additionally Focus Point has a stellar Advisory Board which brings a Brand capability and steering group, which can stand up against that of many very larger public companies. Focus Point also has selected analysts, clients and suppliers which share a user group. The entirety of this leadership effort manifests itself in as a dynamic coursing effort and a highly effective services sourcing effort. (see FPT : Advisory Board and : FPT Leadership